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1/V150H V100R Central Heating Controller Battery

Type: Nickel Metal Hydride. Voltage: 1.2 V. Capacity: 150 mAh.

Thickness: 7 mm. Width: 14 mm. Depth: 26.5 mm.

Price: 5.99. Postage and packing included.

Construction: 1 x V150H Ni-MH cell.

Replaces: V150H, V/150H, V100R, V100DK0, V100DKO, V150P, V110R, 110R.

The oval shaped V150H Central Heating Controller Battery is widely used in Danfoss Randall 922, 911 and Honeywell central heating controllers. The PCB version with pins is also deployed on PC motherboards and other electronic devices. 

Our oval shaped 1/V150H Central Heating Controller Battery replaces the Varta 1/V150H and earlier versions such as the 1/V100DKO or 1/V100DK0.

Visit here if you need the version of this cell with solder pins, for example for the Invensys Drayton Lifestyle LP522.

Attention: This 1/V150H Central Heating Controller Battery is a single bare cell. If your battery is thicker than 7mm and covered in a thick green plastic casing (or sometimes shrink wrap, or thick plastic casings in green, blue or beige colours) then you are much more likely to require this 3/V150H battery.


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