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Product Catalogue - Laptop Batteries

We stock a growing range of replacement laptop batteries.

They are all high quality, competitively priced and postage & packing is always included.

Dell Batteries

Inspiron 2500, 3700, 3800, 4000, 4100, 4150, 8000, 8100 and 8200 Battery
Inspiron 500m and 600m Series Battery
Inspiron 300M Series Battery
Inspiron 8500m and 8600m Series Battery
Inspiron 700m and 710m Series Battery
Inspiron 1100 and 5100 Series Battery
Inspiron 2100 and 2800 Series Battery
Inspiron 2600 and 2650 Series Battery
Inspiron 5000 and 5000e Series Battery
Inspiron 1100, 5100, 5150 and 5160 Series Battery
Latitude C400 Series Battery
Latitude C500, C510, C540, C600, C610, C640, C800, C810, and C840 Battery
Latitude CPi, CP, and CPx Series Battery
Latitude D400 Series Battery
Latitude D500 and D600 Series Battery
Latitude D800 Series Battery
Latitude LS Series Battery
Latitude X300 Series Battery
Latitude 100L Series Battery
Precision M40, M50, WorkStation M50 Series

IBM IBM Laptop Batteries Batteries

ThinkPad 390 and i1700 Series Battery
ThinkPad 600, 600D, 600E, 600X, 600X 2645-5EU and 660 Series Battery
ThinkPad A Series, A20M, and A21M Battery
ThinkPad A21E Type 2655 and A22E Series Battery
ThinkPad A30 and A31 Series Battery
ThinkPad R30 and R31 Series Battery
ThinkPad R32 and R40 Series Battery
ThinkPad R40e Series Battery
ThinkPad T20, T21, T22, and T23 Series Battery
ThinkPad T30 Series Battery
ThinkPad T40 and R50 Series Battery
ThinkPad X20, X21, X22, X23, and X24 Series Battery
ThinkPad X30 Series Battery
ThinkPad X40 Series Battery
ThinkPad X41 Tablet Battery

Sony  Batteries

Vaio PCG-XR, PCG-QR, PCG-FX, PCG-F, PCG-7xx, and PCG-8xx Series Battery
Vaio PCG-C1, PCG-C2, PCG-GT1, PCG-GT3, PCG-N505, and PCG-505 Series Battery
Vaio PCG-SRX55C, PCG-SRX55TC, PCG-SRX55CI, and PCG-SR17(K) Series Battery
Vaio PCG-SR33, PCG-SR5K, PCG-SR7K, PCG-SR, PCG-SRX87, PCG-VX7, and PCG-VX88 Series Battery
Vaio PCG-Z505 Series Battery
Vaio PCG-R505 Series Battery
Vaio PCG-GR3, PCG-GR5, PCG-GR79 and PCG-GR90 Series Battery
Vaio PCG-GRX and PCG-NV Series Battery
Vaio PCG-GRS, PCG-GRZ, VGN-K and PCG-FR Series Battery
Vaio VGN-S, VGN-FJ, VGN-FS and VGN-SFE Series Battery
Vaio VGN-TX Series and VGN-TXN Series Battery
Vaio PCG-V505, PCG-V505A, PCG-V505B, PCG-V505R, and PCG-V505PB Series Battery
Vaio PCG-Z1RGP and PCG-Z1RMP Series Battery

Toshiba Batteries

Tecra 8000 Battery
Tecra 8100 Battery
Tecra 8200 Battery
Satellite 3000 Series Battery
Portege 3000CT, 3010, 3020, 3440, 3480, and 3490 Battery
Portege 7000, 7020, 7100, and 7200 Battery
Satellite 220, 300, 400, 1555, 1800, 2000 and 4000 Series Battery

HP Compaq Compaq HP Batteries

Compaq Presario 1100, 2100, and 2500 Series Battery
Hewlett Packard Omnibook xe4100, xe4400, xe4500
Hewlett Packard Pavilion ze4000, ze4100, ze4200, ze4300, ze4400, ze4500, ze4600, ze5000, ze5100, ze5200, ze5300, ze5400, ze5500, ze5600 and ze5700 series

Asus Asus laptop ( notebook ) Batteries Batteries

Asus Lamborghini VX2, V6, V6000, V6000V, V6V, VX1 Series 
Asus A8, A8JC, A8JM, A8F, Z99, A8A, A8M, A8J, A8JA, A8G, A8000 Series 
Asus L8, L8000, L8000B, L8000C, L8000Ce, L8000F, L8000K, L8000L, L84, L8400, L8400B, L8400C, L8400Ce L8400F, L8400K, L8400L, L84B, L84C, L84Ce, L84F, L84K, L84L Series
Asus M9 Series, M9A, M9F, M9J, M9V
Asus Eee PC 703 Extended, Asus Eee PC 900a Extended 

If you don't find the battery to are looking for in this list, contact us by email. Use the 'Contact Us' link in the left hand frame.

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