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Product Catalogue - Miscellaneous Batteries

We stock an enormous range of miscellaneous Zinc Air, Alkaline and Silver Oxide batteries. They have many uses as camera batteries, hearing aid batteries etc.

They are all competitively priced and have a discount structure to encourage multiple purchases. Postage & Packing is always included.

These batteries all have a long shelf life, so why not buy two or more. Take advantage of our reduced price and make sure you are not left in the lurch next time your battery runs out.

Photo Lithium Batteries

CP1 / CP3353
AA lithium 1.5V
AAA lithium 1.5V
PX28L (2CR1/3N)
Sanyo 2CR1/3N for "MasterPlus" dog collars
P500 Polaroid Polarpulse (Powerdex 6A1400)
CRP2 Flushing Urinal Sensor Battery with lead and connector
2LSH20 with lead and connector as used for gas fire ignition systems

Alkaline Batteries

(click here for full Alkaline button cell equivalents)

LR44 (AG13)
LR60 (AG1)
LR41 (AG3)
LR66 (AG4)
LR48 (AG5)
LR57 (AG7)
LR55 (AG8)
LR54 (AG10)
LR43 (AG12)
LRV08 (23A)12V
10A (L1021) 9V
11A (MN11) 6V
27A (MN27) 12V
32A (GP29A) 9V
25A (GP26A) 6V
LR1 (N)
AA 1.5V
AAA 1.5V
C size LR14 1.5V
D size LR20 1.5V
LR9 (PX625)
4LR61 (7K67)
PP1 6.0V
PP3 (6LR61)
PP4 / 226 (Lithium replacement)
PP6 (246)
PP7 (266)
PP9 (276)
LR50 (PX1A)
A14PX (PX14)
A32PX (PX32)
431 / 304116 (Lithium replacement)
PC640A (PX640)
840 (844) 4.5V CMOS
A220 (504, MN154, V74PX)
A221 (Eveready 505)
A411 (Alkaline replacement for 15V Eveready 411, BLR121 etc)
A412 (Alkaline replacement for 22.5V Eveready 412, V72PX etc)
A413 (Alkaline replacement for 30V Eveready 413, NEDA 210 etc)
A415 (Alkaline replacement for 45V Eveready 415, NEDA 213 etc)
A416 (Alkaline replacement for 67.6V Eveready 416, NEDA 217 etc)
A455 (Alkaline replacement for 45V Eveready 455, NEDA 202 etc)
A1611 (206, TR-126)
A134 (Eveready E134, Mallory TR134) 6.0V
A132 (Eveready E132, Mallory TR132) 3.0V
A165 (Eveready E165, EN165A, Mallory TR165) 7.5V
BA38 (BA-38/U or Eveready No.W-361) military battery 103.5V
A6570, Hercules HS6570 (Ever Ready No. 126 replacement) 4.5V
AD28 (Ever Ready AD28, Eveready #736 replacement) 4.5V
3LR12 (MN1203, 3LR12R, 1289) 4.5V Cycle Lamp Alkaline Battery 
A175 (A175 TR175 MN175 ENA175 5LR44) Alkaline 7.5V

Zinc Air - Hearing Aid Batteries

(click here for general information)

ZA675P for cochlear implants

Silver Oxide - Photo Batteries etc

5/392 - early Conlog alarm systems
4/393 - later Conlog alarm systems
S177 (TR177, PC177A, EN177A)

Zinc Chloride Batteries

4R25 (PJ996)
Double PP8, PP8-2 Fencer Battery
PP7 (266)
3R12 (MN1203, 3R12R, 1289) 4.5V Cycle Lamp Zinc Chloride Battery 
U10 (Ever Ready U10 or R12) 1.5V 
U8 (Ever Ready U8 or R10) 1.5V 
2R10 (Ever Ready No. 8) 3V 

Carbon Zinc Batteries

4R25-2 (PJ991, 991.918) double lantern with screw connectors
Number 6 EN6 R40 Ignition Flag battery

If you don't find the battery to are looking for in this list, contact us by email. Use the 'Contact Us' link in the left hand frame.

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