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226 (PP4, Eveready 226 or Rayovac 1600)  

Type: Lithium (replacement for original Carbon-Zinc). Voltage: 9 V.

Length: 49.8 mm. (41.5 mm without snaps).

Diameter: 25.8 mm.

Price: 13.77 each. 13.21 each if you buy two or more. Postage and packing included.

Also known as: Sears Silvertone 6418, Ever Ready PP4, Vidor VT4, Rayovac 1600, NEDA 1600, ANSI 1600, IEC 6F24, M1600, 1600, and P6.

The original carbon-Zinc Energizer or Eveready No. 226 is widely used in vintage radios. This now rare small cylinder battery has a snap at each end and often known as the PP4. The Energizer 226 or PP4 was once very popular for use in early transistor radios such as the Arvin 8576, the Arvin 9577, the General Electric P-808-H, Motorola X15A X-15A, Motorola Model X25J "Skirt Pocket" Radio and the Westinghouse H618P7 and H-612P5. 

This 226 or PP4 battery was also commonly found in the guitar special-effects units of older guitars. The 226 / PP4 is used in guitar pedals such as the Marshall Supa Fuzz guitar pedal.

Our 226 or PP4 battery is an alkaline replacement that faithfully reproduces the dimensions and voltage of the original, breathing new life into countless vintage radios.

This 226 or PP4 battery is not to be confused with the Bulova manufactured 226 (or 301) silver oxide button cell of the same name.

These 226 or PP4 batteries have a shelf life in excess of ten years. Why not buy two or more packs, take advantage of our reduced price and make sure you are not left unable to use your classic radio next time your battery runs out.

* Actual manufacturer may vary depending upon availability

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