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Sanyo 2CR1/3N (PX28L, L544, V28PXL) 6.0 Volt Lithium Battery for MasterPlus

Sanyo 2CR-1/3N

Type: Lithium. Voltage: 6.0V.  

Diameter: 13.0 mm. Height: 25.2 mm.

Price: 5.79 each. 5.39 each if you buy two or more. P&P included.

Also known as: L544, L544BP, V28PXL, K28L, 2CR11108, PX28L, 2CR1/3N, CR28L, 1406LC.

The Sanyo 2CR1/3N (now acquired by FDK and branded Fujitsu) is a popular lithium cylindrical battery commonly used in cameras. 

Famously, this 2CR1/3N battery can power the "MasterPlus" dog collars. Only Sanyo 2CR1/3N batteries (now made by FDK and branded Fujitsu) are approved by the manufacturer to work with this product. Versions from other manufacturers either do not work at all, or are drained after only a few hours of use. Worse still, batteries of a slightly different shape to the Sanyo 2CR1/3N can cause the battery contacts to moved from their correct positions.

These Sanyo / FDK 2CR1/3N batteries are the "bee's knees" in terms of their performance. They perform flawlessly in all applications including "Aboistop" and other anti bark collars.

If you want the very best performing 2CR1/3N battery available, or if you have a particularly demanding application such as the "MasterPlus" dog collar, then the Sanyo 2CR1/3N battery is the one for you.

If you do not need the very pinnacle of performance then our more cost effective PX28L might suit you.

The PX28L or 2CR1/3N batteries have a shelf life of 10 + years, so why not buy two or more. Take advantage of our reduced price and make sure you are not left without a camera next time your battery runs out.

This Lithium PX28L battery has exactly the same dimensions as the Silver Oxide 4SR44 and the Alkaline 4LR44. You can always use this battery in place of a 4LR44 for improved performance and less frequent battery changes.

The PX28L is a mercury free alternative to the now banned mercuric oxide PX28. The Mercury PX28 gives 5.4 volts compared with the 6 volts produced by this PX28L. Most devices designed for the PX28 work perfectly well using. this PX28L.


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