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HHR-3AH / NH-DM2AA NiMH Batteries for Panasonic / Sony / JVC CD Player

HHR-3AH / NH-DM2AA NiMH Batteries for Panasonic CD Player *

Type: Nickel-Metal Hydride. Voltage: 1.2 V. Capacity: 2100 mAh.

Length: 50.5 mm. Diameter: 14.5 mm.

Price: £10.50 each pair. £10.25 each pair if you buy two or more. Postage and packing included.

This pair of high powered Panasonic HHR-3AH / Sony NH-DM2AA batteries fit great variety of portable CD players (such as Panasonic SL-SX320). The ultra high 2100 mAh capacity of these rechargeable Panasonic HHR-3AH / Sony NH-DM2AA batteries give super long play times! 

Beware, normal rechargeable AA batteries available on the high street will not work with these Panasonic and Sony portable CD players (such as SL-CT482). These Panasonic HHR-3AH / Sony NH-DM2AA are specially engineered so they can be re-charged within the player.

These Panasonic HHR-3AH / Sony NH-DM2AA batteries can last up to twice as long as ordinary rechargeable batteries! Nickel Metal Hydride chemistry gives memory free operation and, being cadmium free, is environmentally friendly. Not suffering from the 'memory effect' means these HHR-3AH / NH-DM2AA batteries will continue to power your portable CD player well into the future.

This Panasonic HHR-3AH / Sony NH-DM2AA NiMH battery can replace older versions with lower capacity and older Nickel Cadmium versions. Do not be concerned if your existing battery has a lower capacity expressed in mAh. The higher the mAh value the longer the play time.

Panasonic SL-SX320,
Panasonic SL-SX482,
Panasonic SL-SX289V,
Panasonic SL-SX430,
Panasonic SL-SV550,
Sony Discman D-E705, 
Sony Discman D-E775,
Sony Discman D-E805,
Sony Discman D-E706CK,
Sony DE705, 
Sony DE775, 
Sony DE805, 
Sony DE885,
Sony DF525,
Kenwood DPC885,
Kenwood DPC-X301,
Kenwood DPC-X507,
Kenwood DPC-X602,
JVC XL-PV300 and many more.

These Panasonic HHR-3AH / Sony NH-DM2AA batteries can also replace batteries such as:

Panasonic P-3GAVT
Panasonic P-3GAVE/2B
Panasonic P-3GAVE
Panasonic RP-BP60D
Panasonic HHR-3AH/2B
Panasonic HHR-3AH
Sony NH-AA-2DI
Sony NH-DM2AA,
Kenwood NB-77,
Kenwood  NB-88, 
Kenwood  NB-130, 
and many more.


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* appearance and manufacturer of this battery will vary depended upon availability. Images are for illustration only.