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Seiko 3023-24X (Panasonic MT920 with special connector)

Type: Battery / Capacitor. Voltage: 1.5 V. 

Diameter: 9.5 mm. Height: 2.05 mm.

Price: 18.75 each. 18.50 each if you buy two or more.

Also known as: Seiko 3023-24X, Panasonic MT920 with connector

These Seiko 3023-24X devices were originally not batteries at all, but miniature capacitors. More recently however, Seiko has upgraded their specification and replaced them with minute rechargeable batteries.

This is a genuine SEIKO KINETIC MOVEMENT capacitor / battery for use in Seiko Kinetic watches.

Consisting of a Panasonic MT 920 with special connector plates, this Seiko part 3023-24X is a replacement capacitor for the following Seiko watch movement calibres:

Seiko 5J21, 
Seiko 5J22, 
Seiko 5J32, 
Seiko 5S21, 
Seiko 5S22, 
Seiko 7D46, 
Seiko 7D48. 
Seiko 7D56. 

The calibre is typically inscribed on the back of your watch. For example a watch might have........

220905 - 7D46 - OAJO

inscribed on the back. The calibre, 7D46, is highlighted.

These 3023-24X MT920 with tag are almost exclusively used in Pulsar Kenetic and Seiko Kenetic electronic watches.

The Panasonic MT920 is a button-type titanium carbon lithium rechargeable Li-ion battery that uses lithium titanium oxide as the positive material, carbon as the negative material, and organic electrolyte.

If you don't find the movement calibre you are looking for, contact us by email. Use the 'Contact Us' link in the left hand frame.

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