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4R25 / PJ996 6V Lantern Battery with coiled spring terminal connections


Name: 4R25. 

Type: Zinc Chloride. Voltage: 6.0 V.

Depth: 67 mm. Width: 67 mm. Height: 110 mm.

Connector: Two coiled spring terminals.

Price: 5.88 each. Postage and packing included.

Also known as: PJ996, PC908, GP908S, 908D, RL996, 4R25X, 509, 1209, Draper AT2, Draper 56429, MN908, 996, Pifco 7010-15.

This zinc chloride 4R25 (PJ996) has two coiled spring terminal connections and is commonly used in torches, lanterns and flashlights. The 4R25 (PJ996) is also used in the construction industry to power flashing lights and other lights.

The 4R25 (PJ996) is used in the Sealey Krypton Weatherproof 4D flashlight, the Ak427 Krypton Weatherproof lantern and many other strong weatherproof krypton bulb torches, flashlights and lanterns.


* Actual manufacturer may vary depending upon availability

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