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A175 TR175 MN175 ENA175 5LR44 Alkaline 7.5V Battery


Type: Alkaline. Voltage: 7.5V.  

Diameter: 12.6 mm. Height: 27.8 mm.

Price: 6.20 each. 5.80 each if you buy two or more. P&P included.

Also known as: A175, Mallory TR175, 5LR44, Duracell MN175B, NEDA 1501, Exell A175, Eveready E175, ENA175, 175, Duracell MN175, MN175A, PC175, PC175A, Neda 1501M, TR175S, TR175A, EP175, Panasonic HM5C, 5NR44.

This A175, TR175 or 5LR44 is a popular alkaline (Manganese Dioxide) cell that is commonly used in pet collars and microphones.

This A175, TR175 or 5LR44 battery is a popular replacement for the now discontinued mercury batteries, no longer manufactured because of their toxicity, were variously known as 5MR44, 5H-C, 5NR44, HM-5C.

Why not buy two or more of these A175, TR175 or 5LR44 batteries and take advantage of our reduced price and make sure you are not left in the lurch next time your battery runs out.

* Actual manufacturer may vary depending upon availability.

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