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PX25, V25PX, EPX25 (A25PX) Battery - as used in Kodak Instamatic 333X Electronic


Type: Alkaline. Voltage: 4.5 V.

Diameter: 16.5 mm. Height: 21 mm. 

Price: 7.50 each. 7.10 each if you buy two or more. Postage and packing included.

Mercury free replacement for: V25PX / RPX25 / A25PX / EPX25.

The A25PX PX25 replacement is an unusual cylindrical battery. The A25PX is a mercury-free replacement for the once popular Mercuric Oxide PX25 (or V25PX) battery cell that was commonly used in cameras. Mercury cells such as the PX25 are now banned because of toxicity and environmental fears.

The alkaline A25PX cells produce 4.5 Volts, which is higher than the 4.05V produced by the original mercury PX25 cell. Most devices accommodate the small increase in voltage and function perfectly.

The PX25 was used in cameras such as the Kodak Instamatic 333X electronic, which took two batteries. The A25PX is an ideal replacement.

The alkaline A25PX battery was also used in Kiev 60 camera.

The APX25 PX25 replacement is a very hard to find battery and is likely to be your best replacement for the PX25. Consider buying more than one. These Alkaline cells have a shelf life of several years, so buy two and make sure you always have a ready supply of power for your camera whilst taking advantage of our reduced price multi-buy offer.

* Actual manufacturer may vary depending upon availability

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