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B9651T PLC Controller Lithium Battery

Type: Lithium. Voltage: 3 V. Capacity: 2100 mAh.

Height: 35 mm. Diameter: 16.5 mm.

Features: Connector Lead

Price: 23.99. Postage and packing included.

Replaces: GE Fanuc, Texas Instruments, Koyo, Siemens and other PLC batteries.

This B9651T Lithium PLC controller battery fits several GE Fanuc, Texas Instruments, Koyo and Siemens PLC controllers. It is a DIRECT replacement for the GE Fanuc IC610CPU101C and Texas Instruments 305 battery.

This B9651T is for use with PLC controllers such as the:

GE Fanuc D3-D4-BAT
GE Fanuc IC610CPU101C
GE Fanuc IC610CPU104C
GE Fanuc IC601ACC150A
GE Fanuc Series 1
GE Fanuc Series 3
Texas Instruments 305
Texas Instruments 315
Texas Instruments 325
Texas Instruments RB-5
Texas Instruments 405
Texas Instruments 435
Texas Instruments 305-BATT

This B9651T PLC battery comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.


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