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BA150 Sennheiser Wireless Headset Battery (replaces BA150, BA151, BA152)


Type: Nickel Metal Hydride. Voltage: 2.4 V. Capacity: 60 mAh.

Width: 15 mm. Depth: 20 mm. Length: 35 mm.

Price: 9.99. Postage and packing included.

Construction: 2 x 60mAh Ni-MH cells, black plastic casing, two pressure contacts.

Replaces: Sennheiser BA150, BA151, BA152, WEST-BA151, Williams Sound BATAP97A.

The hard-cased BA150 60mAh 2.4 Volt battery is for Sennheiser cordless headphones (both infra-red and radio) including: IS-150, IS-300, IS-380, RS-30, RS-40, RS-45, RS-60, RS-65, RS-80, RS-85, RS-2400

Our hard-cased BA150 60mAh 2.4 Volt battery is suitable for several Williams Sound devices as well as  Sennheiser devicse including the:

Sennheiser A200,
Sennheiser Audioport A200 Set,
Sennheiser HDI 302,
Sennheiser HDI 380,
Sennheiser HDI302,
Sennheiser HDI490,
Sennheiser IS 150,
Sennheiser IS 300,
Sennheiser IS 380,
Sennheiser R150,
Sennheiser RA-85,
Sennheiser RI 150,
Sennheiser RI 250,
Sennheiser RI 250 J,
Sennheiser RI 300,
Sennheiser RI250,
Sennheiser RI250-J,
Sennheiser RI250S,
Sennheiser RS 2400,
Sennheiser RS 30,
Sennheiser RS 4,
Sennheiser RS 40,
Sennheiser RS 400,
Sennheiser RS 45,
Sennheiser RS 6,
Sennheiser RS 60,
Sennheiser RS 65,
Sennheiser RS 8,
Sennheiser RS 80,
Sennheiser RS 85,
Sennheiser RS-2400,
Sennheiser RS-30,
Sennheiser RS-4,
Sennheiser RS-40,
Sennheiser RS-400,
Sennheiser RS-45,
Sennheiser RS-6,
Sennheiser RS-60,
Sennheiser RS-65,
Sennheiser RS-8,
Sennheiser RS-80,
Sennheiser RS-85,
Sennheiser SET 20,
Sennheiser Set 250,
Sennheiser Set 2500,
Sennheiser Set 250S,
Sennheiser Set 500,
Sennheiser Set 50TV,
Sennheiser Set 810,
Sennheiser Set 810S,
Sennheiser Set 820,
Sennheiser Set 820s,
Sennheiser SET-20,
Sennheiser SET-250,
Sennheiser SET-2500,
Sennheiser SET-250J,
Sennheiser SET-810,
Sennheiser SET-810S,
Sennheiser SET-820S,
Sennheiser SET90,

Williams Sound WIRRX16,
Williams Sound WIRRX238

* the manufacturer and precise appearance may change depending on availability.


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