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BA38 (BA-38/U) for SCR-536 / BC-611 Receiver/Transmitter

BA38 (BA-38/U) for SCR-536 / BC-611 Receiver/Transmitter*

Type: Alkaline (replacement for original Carbon-Zinc). Voltage: 103.5 V.

Height: 297 mm. Width: 34.1 mm. Depth: 34.1 mm. 

Price: 100 each. Postage and packing included.

Also known as: Army BA-38, NAVY 19038, BA38, BA-38/U, Eveready No.W-361.

The BA38 (or BA-38/U or Eveready No.W-361) is a alkaline replacement for the once popular carbon zinc battery that was commonly used in classic World War II and Korean War 'walkie talkie' that was made by Galvin Manufacturing, the firm that later became Motorola. Being Alkaline, our replacement will last significantly longer than the carbon-zinc original.

The BC-611 was known as the 'Handie-Talkie' and began production in 1941.

The BA38 (or BA-38/U or Eveready No.W-361) batteries produce 103.5 Volts and has recessed positive and negative connectors at each end.

The BA38 (or BA-38/U or Eveready No.W-361)  is likely to be your only choice of battery replacement. Consider buying more than one. These Alkaline cells have a shelf life of several years, so buy two and make sure you always have a ready supply of power for your device whilst taking advantage of our reduced price multi-buy offer.

The BA38 (or BA-38/U or Eveready No.W-361) is also used to power the SCR-625 Mine Detector.

This BA38 or BA-38/U battery products are built-to-order which can sometimes take a couple of weeks. We cannot guarantee how quickly they can be made available for shipping. (Update: we currently have a small number of these batteries in stock).

* Actual manufacturer may vary depending upon availability. Our BA38 batteries are typically plain blue.

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