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Bio-Hit 712991 Biohit Midi-Plus Pipette Batteries

Bio-Hit 712991 Biohit Midi-Plus Pipette Batteries

Type: Nickel Metal Hydride. Voltage:  1.2 V. Capacity: upgraded to 750 mAh.

Diameter: 15 mm. Length: 29.5 mm.

Price: 14.99. Postage and packing included.

Construction:  3 x individual Ni-MH cells.

Replaces: 712991 , 2/3AA, GP75AAH, Sanyo N-270AA, Cadnica N-270AA.

Three individual cylindrical Bio-Hit Pipette Battery widely used in motorised laboratory pipette units such as the Biohit Midi Plus Pipettor.

The Ni-MH 712991 is equivalent to the original NiCd 712991. It is the modern replacement battery for Biohit Midi Plus electronic pipettors. This RoHS compliant battery replaces the original NiCd battery which is now banned.

This Bio-Hit Pipette Battery is a suitable replacement for the NiCd 712991. They are NiMH and a significant upgrade on the original Nickel Cadmium cells. With significantly higher capacity, it will take longer to charge but will last much longer between charges.

The original batteries for the the Biohit Proline Pipettor were three Sanyo Cadnica Nickel Cadmium Batteries (N-270AA 1.2v, 270mAh), which are no longer permitted in this application. The modern replacement is our NiMH 712991.

These Biohit Proline Pipettor batteries can also be successully used in the Eppendorf easyPet pipette. They are an ideal replacement for the Eppendorf 022236016. Just adjust the contact strips in the battery compartment to ensure there Yis a firm pressure on the battery.

Visit here if you need batteries for the Biohit Proline and ePET electronic pipettors.

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