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Canon BPE77 Replaces Canon BPE711, BPE714 6V 2100mAh NiMH Camcorder battery.


Type: Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH). Voltage: 6 V. Capacity: 2100 mAh.

Height: 90 mm. Width: 47 mm. Depth: 23 mm.

Price: 17.00. Postage and packing included.

Replaces: Canon and many other batteries. Examples are Canon BPE77, Canon BP711, Canon BPE711, Canon BP714 and Canon BPE714.  The BPE77 is an equivalent to many other batteries. Click here for details. 

This Canon BPE77 Nickel Metal Hydride Camcorder battery fits many Canon camcorders. Click here for a more complete list.

This Canon BPE77 uses Nickel Metal Hydride chemistry so it does not suffer from 'memory effect'. It is an ideal replacement for the Canon BPE77, BPE711 and many others.

If you want the 'double capacity' version of this battery, rated at 4000 mAh and 170 minutes run time, then click here.......

Canon BPE77 replacement  batteries come with a two year manufacturer's warranty.


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The BPE77 can replace these batteries too.... 

Uniross VPHS77
Uniross VP320CH
Energizer CA77NM
Energizer BPE77NM
Canon BPE77NM
Canon BPE711, BP-E711
Canon BPE714, BP-E714
Canon BP711, BP-711
Canon BP714, BP-714
Canon BP726, BP-726
Canon BP729, BP-729,
BP818, BP-818
Canon BPE718, BP-E718
Canon BPE722, BP-E722
Canon BPE77, BP-E77
Canon BPE77K, BP-E77K
Canon BPE818, BP-E818
Canon DR12.

Here is a fuller list of Camcorders that can take this BPE77 battery.........

Canon A1
Canon A1 Hi8
Canon A1 MkII
Canon A10
Canon A11
Canon A110
Canon A2 HI
Canon A2 Hi8
Canon A9
Canon BP711
Canon BP714
Canon BP818
Canon BPE22
Canon BPE711
Canon BPE714
Canon BPE722
Canon BPE729
Canon BPE77k
Canon E100
Canon E110
Canon E20
Canon E200
Canon E210
Canon E230
Canon E250
Canon E30
Canon E300
Canon E320
Canon E330D
Canon E350
Canon E40
Canon E400
Canon E440
Canon E460
Canon E50
Canon E51
Canon E520
Canon E53
Canon E550
Canon E57
Canon E6
Canon E60
Canon E600
Canon E61
Canon E63
Canon E640
Canon E65
Canon E66
Canon E660
Canon E67
Canon E680
Canon E7
Canon E70
Canon E700
Canon E708
Canon E77
Canon E8
Canon E80
Canon E800
Canon E808
Canon E850
Canon E9
Canon E90
Canon ES100
Canon ES1000
Canon ES10V
Canon ES170
Canon ES180
Canon ES190
Canon ES200
Canon ES2000
Canon ES20V
Canon ES2500
Canon ES270
Canon ES280
Canon ES290
Canon ES3000
Canon ES300V
Canon ES400V
Canon ES500
Canon ES550
Canon ES600
Canon ES70
Canon ES7000
Canon ES750
Canon ES80
Canon ES800
Canon ES870
Canon ES90
Canon ES900
Canon ES970
Canon ESO 1X
Canon EX1 Hi8
Canon EX2 Hi8
Canon H440
Canon H460
Canon H480
Canon H520
Canon H640
Canon H660
Canon H680
Canon H800
Canon H850
Canon UC1
Canon UC1 Hi8
Canon UC10
Canon UC100
Canon UC1000
Canon UC15
Canon UC16
Canon UC2 Hi8
Canon UC20
Canon UC200
Canon UC30 Hi8
Canon UC3000
Canon UC40 Hi8
Canon UC4000
Canon UC4500
Canon UC5 Hi8
Canon UC5000
Canon UC5500
Canon UC600
Canon UC6000
Canon UC7 Hi8
Canon UC8 Hi8
Canon UC8000
Canon UC850
Canon UC8500
Canon UC9 Hi8
Canon UC900
Canon UC9500
Canon UCS1
Canon UCS2
Canon UCS3
Canon UCX10 Hi
Canon UCX65 Hi
Canon UCX7 Hi
Canon UCX8 Hi
Canon VME70
Canon VME77
Canon VME800
Canon VME850
Canon VTLC50