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BR322 / BR316 / BR311 3V Lithium Pin Type Cell

Type: Lithium Carbon monofluoride (Li CFx). Notional Voltage: 3 V.

Length: 22.5 mm or 16.0 mm or 12.0 mm. Diameter: 3.0 mm.

Compatibility: Typical applications are powering LEDs for night fishing, flashing jewellery etc

Price: On application.


Light weight with aluminium case
High voltage compared with alkaline cells
Very small size
Family of three cells
Tolerates high and low temperature operation (-20 deg C to +60 deg C).


BR 322

Model Capacity (mAh) Weight (g) Dimensions (mm)
BR322 20 0.36 3 x 22



BR 316

Model Capacity (mAh) Weight (g) Dimensions (mm)
BR316 13 0.22 3 x 16



BR 311

Model Capacity (mAh) Weight (g) Dimensions (mm)
BR311 11 0.20 3 x 12



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