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Corrosion Gone! - Cleans Corroded Electrical Contacts

Corrosion Gone! - Cleans Corroded Electrical Contacts 

Type: Specially formulated mild scouring paste. 

Contents: 0.3 fl. oz / 9 ml jar.

Price: 6.99 each. 5.50 each if you buy two or more. Postage and packing included.

Also known as: Electrical contact polish, corrosion remover, battery spring cleaner, battery contact cleaner.

Corrosion Gone! brings you specially formulated corrosion removal paste in a conveniently sized,  and low-priced pot. Available at a fraction of the price of competitive products which are typically not nearly as effective and only available in excessively large quantities.

Corrosion Gone! cleans leakage from all types of batteries including.......

Carbon Zinc
Zinc Chloride
Mercuric Oxide
Silver Oxide
Lithium Manganese Dioxide
Nickel Cadmium and
Nickel Metal Hydride.

Cleans up corrosion on computer boards and other PCB's caused by leaking memory backup batteries or leaking electrolytic capacitors.

Rejuvenates battery contacts on all types of battery powered equipment including toys, cameras, radios, mobile phones and anything else that runs on batteries.

Instructions for use couldn't be simpler - 

  • thoroughly stir jar of Corrosion Gone!
  • scrape off and remove any large pieces of corrosion or leakage with, for example, a cocktail stick
  • apply Corrosion Gone! with a cotton swab and gently polish until contacts become shiny
  • as cotton swab becomes dirty, replace with a fresh one
  • rinse cleaned contacts with fresh cotton swab dampened with water
  • dry contacts with dry cotton swab
  • carefully discard used swabs etc, remembering that contents of some cells (especially Mercuric Oxide and Nickel Cadmium are environmentally unfriendly and toxic so dispose with care). 



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