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Comments from early adopters

RG says: 'My CRV3R has given me superb results with a Olympus D-560, far superior to any NiMH's I've thrown at it. I got close to 200 shots with flash and lcd in use on each one, and the battery was still going strong when I filled my card and recharged (my charger takes about 2.5 hours for a full recharge).'

AL says: 'I have these on a Nikon Coolpix 3100. They have excellent battery life. The ONLY cells I have used with good battery life. Hope this helps'

JP says: 'I shot 280 pictures using the Kodak CX best and better settings. Some were with a flash, some without, cold, hot, in my pocket, accidentally left the camera on, having to show people the results, etc. Average, normal snapshots, nothing professional. I also shot one QT movie that was 6.1 MB. The total of all the data shot was 77MB. Smallest photo was 52KB largest was 468KB. I'm using a 256MB flash card, so I'm quite happy with the lifespan I will have with the Li-Ion batteries and the memory. Hope this info is useful for someone!'

NB says: 'I stuck the CR-V3R into my Olympus C700, when the AA rechargeables went dead, leaving 2 of the dead AA's in as well, and it has been powering that camera virtually by itself for quite awhile!'

RG says: 'I fully tested one of these CRV3R batteries in my Olympus D-560. Simulating what I considered to be a fairly routine situation: a mix of lcd on, lcd off, SHQ and HQ, many flash, rec view always on, use of zoom, and two downloads to my computer I was able to squeeze out approximately 600 shots (yes, 600) before the battery died. Approximately 60 of these were taken outside in very cold conditions.'

FR says: 'Shooting in the HQ mode most of the time at 2048x1536 (maybe ten shots > were done at SQ1 1024x768) I fired off 176 shots, including one offload to my computer via USB and at no time did the power low indicator come on. This in contrast to about 40 with the NiMH.'

PM says: 'I have these batteries and they work fantastic in the *istD. They last much longer than the 2200 nimh batteries. You'll be pleased.'

CE says: 'I've been living with CR-V3R batteries in my E-10 for a month now and they are excellent, well worth the money. I get on average over 300 shots per charge and unlike my NiMH's don't die if left idle for a few weeks.'

SS says: 'I bought two pairs of the CRV3s. And still have the first pair in the camera (not a heavy user). But they do seem to hold their charge a LOT better than the 2300mAh NiMH AA's I was using previously.'

NB says: ''This CRV3R works with my Pentax Optio 33WR.'

CE says: 'As a test I left a fully charged set of CR-V3R in my E-10 for 3 weeks. The voltage only dropped by .5v over that time. I'm amazed how so much power comes from such a small, light package; my E-10 loves these, I just wish they were available three years ago.'

OD says: 'I took my E-20 and set the timer to take a picture every minute (flash off, 5 sec auto review). My resolution was set at HQ at 1/8 compression. The camera ran for about 10 hours and took 368 photos before it powered down. Anyway, it looks like these guys have plenty of juice. Very pleased.'

AR says: 'I purchased the CRV3R and have been very pleased. My problem was self discharge with the NiMh batteries, but that is now a thing of the past. I am so pleased I have ordered another pair of batteries and charger.'

RR says: 'I haven't had too much time with them, but i can tell you it's a lot better than buying rechargeable AA batteries. More expensive, but power consumption is a lot better.'

MS says: 'I used the RCR-V3 batteries in the SD10 grip adapter and shot for the 5 days without recharging and the indicator read full the whole time. Camera worked flawlessly with these batteries.'

CE says: 'I bought two sets of chargers and batteries a few weeks ago for my Olympus E-10 and they are fantastic; The first test from the initial charge I managed 320 mixed shots i.e. at least 40 of them were flash, some were waving the camera around to get the autofocus going and all were with a 5 second preview. Prior to this I was lucky to get 50-70 shots with NiMh and was frankly peeved with the batteries dying at the worst possible moment'

EW says: 'On my first usage, I already have over 200 shots from my Sigma SD10 with lots of reviewing and deleting on a set. This is far more than I got with the AA's.'

MP says: 'the results have been very good. I have been averaging around 310 shots per recharge mind you this was with a lot of preview time.'

MT says: 'When I have used the batteries I have gotten great results. They seem to perform two or three times as good as the PowerEx 2000 mAh batteries I was using in my Olympus C4000Z.'


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