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Casio CTL1616 CTL1616F CTL-1-25 Accumulator Battery


Type: Panasonic Cobalt Titanium Lithium. Voltage: 2.3V. Capacity: 18 mAh.

Height: 1.6 mm. Diameter: 16 mm.

Price: 13.29 each. (12.99 if you buy two or more). Postage and packing included.

Functional replacement for: Sony / Panasonic Cobalt Titanium Lithium CTL1616 and CTL1616F Batteries.

Compatible Models: Casio Tough Solar Triple Sensor Pathfinder, Casio Atomic Solar Powered G-Shock, Casio Waveceptor and many others.

This small rechargeable CTL1616 / CTL1616F battery is commonly used in Casio watches. For example the Casio ATOMIC SOLAR POWERED G-SHOCK takes one of these CTL-1616 cells.

The CTL-1616 is compatible with the following Casio watches...

G-Shock AWG100
G-Shock AWG101
G-Shock G2800
G-Shock G7300
G-Shock G7301
G-Shock GW002
G-Shock GW056
G-Shock GW1400
G-Shock GW1500
G-Shock GW300
G-Shock GW330
G-Shock GW410
G-Shock GW500
G-Shock GW530
G-Shock GW5600
G-Shock GW600
G-Shock GW610
G-Shock GW700
G-Shock GW800
G-Shock GW810
G-Shock MTG930
G-Shock MTG950
G-Shock MTG960
Pathfinder PAG50
Pathfinder PAG70
Pathfinder PAG80
Pathfinder PAW1200
Pathfinder PAW1300
Pathfinder SPF70
Waveceptor FTW100
Waveceptor WV300
Waveceptor WV301
Waveceptor WVA510
Waveceptor WVQ500

The CTL1616 / CTL1616F comes from the "CTL" series of Cobalt Titanium Lithium batteries manufactured by Sony and/or Panasonic.

Our Panasonic CTL1616F replacement CMOS battery is a genuine Casio spare part.

In most cases, replacement of the CTL1616F battery is an easy task. 

* Actual manufacturer may vary depending upon availability


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