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Dell Wasabi PZ310 Printer battery 453-10038

Dell PZ310 battery

Type: Lithium-Polymer. Voltage: 7.4 V. Capacity: 450 mAh.

Height: 59.2 mm. Width: 30.6 mm. Depth: 11.1 mm.

Price: 19.99. Postage and packing included.

Replaces:  This is a genuine Dell Wasabi battery. P/N 453-10038.

This rechargeable Dell Wasabi Lithium-Polymer battery, powers Dell PZ310 instant mobile printers. 

This Dell Wasabi battery, P/N 453-10038 battery is for use with Dell PZ310 printers.

On a full charge this 453-10038 battery is supposed to give you 15 prints from your Dell PZ310 printer. So it is definitely recommended to have a spare if you might not be able to recharge your battery for a day or so.


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