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27AAAH2JS (Sony Ericsson HBH-35 Battery Kit) Bluetooth Headset Battery Replacement for Sony Ericsson HBH-35 Bluetooth Headset

Type: Kit with NiMH battery and installation instructions. Voltage: 2.4 V. Capacity: 270 mAh.

Height: 34 mm. Diameter: 10 mm.

Price: 12.99. Postage and packing included.

Contents: Two linked 170mAh Ni-MH cells with fly leads, comprehensive instructions.

Replaces: 27AAAH2JS, Sony Ericsson HBH-35 battery.

This Sony Ericsson HBH-35 Battery Kit enables enthusiasts with skills in the soldering and de-soldering of delicate electrical equipment to replace failing batteries in their Sony Ericsson HBH-35 headset.

The Sony Ericsson HBH-35 Battery Kit consists of two linked NiMH cells and detailed step by step instructions. The Sony Ericsson HBH-35 Battery Kit  allows you to replace the battery in your Sony Ericsson HBH-35 blue tooth headset once the performance of your battery deteriorates to unacceptable levels.

This 27AAAH2JS, Sony Ericsson HBH-35 Battery Kit is manufactured by GP Batteries and made in China.

This Sony Ericsson HBH-35 battery is also suitable for the Sony Ericsson HBH-30 blue tooth headset.

It is normally considered that only a qualified Sony Ericsson service partner can replace the batteries in a Sony Ericsson HBH-35 headset. You should only consider replacing your battery with this kit if you are confident of your soldering skills and you are prepared to invalidate your Sony Ericsson warrantee. If in doubt, do not buy this kit. Send your headset to a Sony Ericsson service partner instead.


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