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17AAAH2XZ Nokia HDW-3 Bluetooth Headset Battery. Replacement 17AAAH2XZ for Nokia HDW-3 Bluetooth Headset

17AAAH2XZ for Nokia HDW-3

Type: Nickel Metal Hydride. Voltage: 2.4 V. Capacity: 170 mAh.

Height: 16.5 mm. Width: 20 mm. Depth: 10 mm.

Price: 12.99. Postage and packing included.

Construction: 2 x 170mAh Ni-MH cells in green shrink wrap. JST ZHR2 connector. Ribbon strap

Replaces: 17AAAH2XZ, Nokia HDW-3 battery, TPD8667, TPD 8850, Nokia part # 0774291.

The 17AAAH2XZ, Nokia HDW-3 battery consists of two slightly offset NiMH cells. The 17AAAH2XZ, Nokia HDW-3 is designed to replace the battery in your Nokia HDW-3 bluetooth headset once the performance of your battery deteriorates to unacceptable levels.

This 17AAAH2XZ, Nokia HDW-3 battery is manufactured by GP Batteries and made in China.

This 17AAAH2XZ, Nokia HDW-3 battery is also suitable for the Nokia HDW-2 bluetooth headset.

Instructions for replacing the 17AAAH2XZ battery of your Nokia HDW-3 bluetooth headset can be found here.... http://nds2.nokia.com/files/support/apac/phones/guides/Wireless_Headset_hdw2_en.pdf.


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