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Motorola 53617, KEBT-086-B or KEBT086B Talk-About Two Way Radio Rechargeable Battery for Walkie Talkie, HKNN4002B.

motorola talkabout HKNN4002b

Type: Nickel-Metal Hydride. Voltage: 3.6 V. Capacity: 700 mAh.

Height: 46 mm. Width: 33 mm. Depth: 12 mm.

Price: 10.99. Postage and packing included.

Construction: 3 x AAA shrink wrapped with 4 external connections.

This HKNN4002B NiMH battery fits several two-way radios and walkie talkies. BUT BEWARE, PLEASE CHECK THE WARNING BELOW. It is also known by the Motorola part number 53617 and part number KEBT-086-B or KEBT086B.

This HKNN4002B is for use with two way radios such as:

Motorola SX800, FV700, SX500R, SX800R, SX900R, FV300, FV500 FV700R, SX600, SX900,

A fuller list of compatible Motorola TalkAbout FRS-GMRS Radios is:

Motorola FV300,
Motorola FV500,
Motorola FV700,
Motorola FV700R,
Motorola MC220R,
Motorola MH230R,
Motorola SX500R,
Motorola SX600,
Motorola SX800,
Motorola SX800R,
Motorola SX900,
Motorola SX900R,
Motorola T4500,
Motorola T4508,
Motorola T4800,
Motorola T4900,

This HKNN4002b is a replacement for the Motorola part number 53617 and part number KEBT-086-B or KEBT086B.

This HKNN4002B consists of three AAA NiMH batteries shrink wrapped with a four external connectoions (one at each end and 2 at the back), and fits, amongst others, Motorola TalkAbout FVxxx series and Motorola Talk-About SXxxx series walkie talkies.

This HKNN4002b is also a replacement for the KEBT-079-1 or KEBT0791 as used in TwinTalk handsets such as the 4710, TwinTalker handsets such as the the SilverCrest PMR-1200 amd the Oricom PMR3000 amongst others. The locating lug is at the wrong end of the battey for these particular devices, but it nevertheless works rather nicely.

Do not be concerned if the mAh rating of our battery is a little different to your original. In most cases our HKNN4002B NiMH battery will have a higher rating than your original which will give it a longer talk time per charge.

PLEASE CHECK THIS CAREFULLY - If you need the larger 'sister' of this battery (AA size - 51 x 45 x 15 mm) then you need our HKNN4002A. Motorola have used the HKNN4002B part number to also refer to this larger version.


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