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Apple iPod Nano 1st Generation.
High capacity 400 mAh Li-ion battery

Type: Lithium-Ion. Voltage: 3.7 V. Capacity: 400 mAh.

Height: 36 mm. Width: 18 mm. Depth: 4.0 mm.

Price: 10.50. Postage and packing included.

Construction: 1 x 400mAh Li-Ion cell, three-cord flex with trimmed and tinned ends.

Replaces: 616-0223, 616-0224, 616-0283.

Fits: 1st generation iPod Nano devices.

This iPod Nano 1st Generation battery Lithium-Ion MP3 battery is a DIRECT replacement for the original Apple batteries.

This iPod Nano 1st Generation battery is soldered to the iPod motherboard. If you have basic soldering skills you will be able to replace this battery. It is not recommended, however, for anyone who is not confident of their ability to solder.

This iPod Nano 1st Generation battery uses the latest Lithium-Ion technology to give an outstanding 400mAh power capacity - identical to the 400mAh rating of the original Apple battery.

This iPod Nano 1st Generation battery is for use with players such as the:

MA350 (1 GB White), 
MA352 (1 GB Black),
MA004 (2 GB White), 
MA099 (2 GB Black),
MA005 (4 GB White), 
MA107 (4 GB Black)

For other iPod batteries see here.

This iPod Nano 1st Generation battery comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

The iPod is a media player first produced by Apple in October 2001 and designed by Jonathan Ive. iPods are instantly recognisable by their small size and minimalist appearance. At the time of the iPod's release , other MP3 players were relatively large, as their hard drives were usually 2.5" as opposed to iPod's 1.8". The iPod is so popular that by April 2008, it had sold 151,000,000 units. 


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