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LIR3032-VDY2 tagged cells with pins (horizontal mount PCB CGL3032)

Type: Lithium Ion. Voltage: 3.6 V / 3.7 V.  

Width: 30.0 mm. Height: 3.2 mm.

Price: 6.10 each. 5.90 each if you buy two or more. Postage and packing included.

Also known as: Panasonic CGL3032 3.7V, LIR-3032, LIR3032, KL3032, L3032, ELIR3032, KLIR3032, E-LIR3032, KELIR3032.

Pin Configuration: 2 pins, horizontal PCB mount, positive pins 33.4 mm apart. negative pin 15.2 mm from positive ones.

LIR3032-VDY2 tagged lithium button cells are commonly used in car security, organizers (backup battery for PDA), computer equipment (memory backup battery), toys, communication equipment, and so forth.

The solder tags / pins allow these LIR3032-VDY2 tagged batteries to be soldered into electronic equipment whilst minimising the potential for the heat to damage the lithium cell.

The pins are for horizontal mounting on a PCB. The two pins are 33.4mm apart and positive pin is  wider (2.8mm) than the negative (0.75mm) and that the downward pins are further apart than the diameter of the cell. 

Have proved useful in refurbishing Fossil PDA watches and Apple Power Book PRAM battery assembly (Apple part number: 922-6714, 922-6711, 922-4631 etc).

The lithium-ion technology used in these LIR-3032-VDY2 cells is light-weight and high voltage. It results in significantly higher energy density than NiCd and NiMH batteries.

The lithium-ion technology used in these LIR-3032-VDY2 cells has no 'memory-effect'.

This LIR-3032-VDY2 requires the use of protection circuitry to keep the battery from over-charging, over-discharging, or over-heating. You will require knowledge of how to safely charge Li-ion cells. Failure to treat the cell correctly may cause it to become hot, explode or ignite. We cannot be held responsible for damage or injury caused by misuse of Li-Ion batteries.

If you require the disposable (Lithium Manganese Dioxide) equivalent of this LIR3032-VAY2 tagged lithium-ion button cell, then for CR3032 click here............

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