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MC621 SM (60621) Rechargeable Backup Battery


Type: Lithium Manganese Dioxide. Voltage: 3V. Capacity: 3 mAh.

Height: 2.15 mm. Diameter: 6.8 mm.

Price: 5.50 each. Postage and packing included.

Features: 2 connector pins

This small rechargeable MC621 SM battery is commonly used in electronic devices such as notebook and laptop computers, PDAs, tablet PCs, digital cameras and communications equipment. It is commonly used as a backup clock battery in many timer equipped home electronics devices.

The MC621 SM comes from the series of Lithium Manganese Dioxide rechargeable coin cell batteries.

Our MC621 SM replacement battery can replace the clock battery in many digital cameras such as the Sony DSCS600 and Sony DSCS40.

In most cases, replacement of the MC621 battery is an easy task. 

NO LONGER MANUFACTURED. Use this MS621 with a slightly different tag arrangement instead.

* Actual manufacturer may vary depending upon availability


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