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ML1220 (bare Cell) Rechargeable Backup Battery

ML1220 (bare Cell) Rechargeable Backup Battery*

Type: Lithium Manganese Dioxide. Voltage: 3V. Capacity: 16 mAh.

Height: 2 mm. Diameter: 12.5 mm.

Price: 7.50 each. Postage and packing included.

Features: bare cell with NO pins or connector

This small rechargeable ML1220 battery is commonly used in electronic devices such as notebook and laptop computers, PDAs, tablet PCs, digital cameras and communications equipment. It is commonly used as a backup clock battery in many timer equipped home electronics devices.

The ML1220 comes from the series of Lithium Manganese Dioxide rechargeable coin cell batteries.

Our ML1220 replacement CMOS battery is suitable for a range of notebook and laptop computers from Acer, HP, Compaq, Sony and Gateway. For example it can replace the Fujitsu AHL03014003 and is used in Compaq nx 9005, Solo 1100, Solo 1150, Solo 3300, Solo 3350, Solo 9500 and Solo 9550 amongst many others.

In most cases, replacement of the ML1220 battery is an easy task. 

The ML1220 is an equivalent to many other batteries and is used as a CMOS / memory battery for many other devices. Click here for details.

Click here if you need ML1220 SM (surface mount) version cell with surface mount tags.

Click here if you need ML1220-WR version of this battery with flex and connector.ML1220 (bare Cell) Rechargeable Backup Battery


* Actual manufacturer may vary depending upon availability and be Maxell or Panasonic for example.


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The Varta ML1220 is an equivalent to these batteries too/works with these devices too.... 

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