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PLC battery MR-J3BAT for Mitsubishi MelServo MR-J3

MR-J3BAT for Mitsubishi MelServo MR-J3

Type: Lithium. Voltage: 3.6 V. Capacity: 2450 mAh.

Height: 51.5 mm. Diameter: 14 mm.

Features: Two pin connector & Lead

Price: 17.33. Postage and packing included.

Replaces: Battery 160224, MR-J3 BAT, MR-J3-BAT, MR-J3BAT, MRJ3BAT batteries and more.

This MR-J3BAT Lithium PLC controller battery fits several Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier PLC controllers. It is a DIRECT replacement for the MR-J3 BAT, MR-J3-BAT and MR-J3BAT battery.

This MR-J3BAT is for use with Mitsubishi servo amplifier absolute positioning controllers such as the:

Mitsubishi MelServo MR-J3, 
Mitsubishi MelServo MR-J3-A, 
Mitsubishi MelServo MR-J3-A4, 
MelServo MR-J3-B, 
Mitsubishi MelServo MR-J3-B4, 
Mitsubishi MelServo MR-J3-T and 
Mitsubishi MelServo MR-J3-T4.

The MR-J3BAT is sometimes found within a plastic case. This cartridge is not absolutely necessary, but you could re-use your old case if you prefer to do so or you can get the battery plus the case here.......

This Mitsubishi MR-J3BAT PLC battery comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.


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