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Nokia BMH-1 Mobile Phone Battery. Nokia BMH-1 Replacement for Nokia 3110, 3810 Mobile Phone

Type: Ni-MH. Voltage: 6 V. Capacity: 650 mAh.

Height: 120 mm. Width: 42.5 mm. Depth: 15 mm.

Price: 19.99. Postage and packing included.

Replaces: Nokia BMH-1 in 3110, 3810 etc.

This Nokia BMH-1 Mobile Phone BMH-1 NiMH cell phone battery fits several Nokia mobile telephones. It is a DIRECT replacement for the Nokia BMH-1 or BMH1 battery. 

This Nokia BMH-1 Mobile Phone also replaces Nokia BLJ-1, Nokia BLJ-4, BMH-1 and Nokia BMH-1V batteries. But beware of the varying thickness. The BLJ-1 and BLJ-4 are thinner which be a problem if you need a specially thin battery to fit into a car mount.

This Nokia BMH-1 Mobile Phone BMH-1 Lithium-Ion cell phone battery also fits the Nokia 3110 and Nokia 3810.

This Nokia Mobile Phone BMH-1 NiMH cell phone battery is rated at 750 mAh, a greater capacity than most replacement batteries available. Use our Nokia Mobile Phone BMH-1 battery to get a longer standby time and longer talk time for your  Nokia 3110 Mobile Phone .

For use with mobile phones such as the:

Nokia 3110 Mobile Phone
Nokia 3810 Mobile Phone

          Nokia 3110

But NOT the Nokia 3110 Classic.

Nokia 3110 classic

For the Nokia 3110 Classic, see here..........

Give this Nokia Mobile Phone BMH-1 battery a long initial charge before use, 18 hours and more, to ensure top performance.


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