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ABT1W Flip Video Battery for Flip Video Ultra, Ultra HD, Ultra 2G and other Flip Video Camcorders


Type: NiMH 2xAA 'Hardpack'. Voltage: 2.4 V. Capacity: 1800 mAh.

Height: 50.0 mm. Width: 27.8 mm. Depth: 14.8 mm.

Price: 10.59. Postage and packing included.

Replaces: Pure Flip ABT1W, FVBPU2, ABT1WP1 battery and many more for use in digital camcorders. The ABT1W is an equivalent to several other batteries. Click here for details. 

This Pure Flip equivalent replacement battery, the ABT1W, resembles two AA batteries bound together in a plastic cradle. It is widely used in digital camcorders.

This Pure Flip ABT1W rechargeable 1800mAh battery is for Flip Video Ultra II, UltraHD, UltraHD II video camcorders. It's fully-powered 1800 mAh capacity is significantly higher that many clone batteries available on the market. They are ideal for the high-rate power demands of you Flip video device.

In 2009, Cisco acquired San Francisco-based and privately-held Pure Digital Technologies, Inc. giving rise to Flip Video part numbers, Pure Digital part numbers and Cisco part numbers, all associated with the Flip Video brand.

This Pure Flip ABT1W NiMH battery allows in-camera charging and recharges when Flip video is connected to USB or to Flip Video Power Adapter. Convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable AA batteries, making it an ideal choice for your Pure Flip Digital Cameras. 

For use with Pure Flip DIGITAL CAMCORDERS: 

Pure Digital Flip Ultra 2nd Generation
Pure Flip UltraHD Camcorder 
Pure Flip Video Ultra 
Pure Flip Video Ultra U1120 
Pure Flip Video Ultra U11204 
Pure Flip Video Ultra U1120B 
Pure Flip Video Ultra U1120P 
Pure Flip Video Ultra U1120W 
Pure Flip Video Ultra U1120Y 
Pure Flip Video Ultra U2120 
Pure Flip VideoUltra HD


* Not exactly as pictured. For illustration only. Actual manufacturer will vary depending upon availability

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The ABT1W is an equivalent to these batteries too.... 

Cameron Sino CS-PFUP1TW,
Dantona CAM-ABT1W, 
Pure Digital Technologies, Inc ABT1W,
Pure Digital Technologies, Inc ABT1WP1