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Sony PSP Large Capacity External Battery Pack with Cliphook. Extra 1800 mAh capacity

Name: PG-P072. 

Type: Lithium Polymer (Li-Po). 

Voltage: 3.6 Volts. Rating: 1,800 mAh. (Combines with existing battery to give 1,800 + 1,800, a total of 3,600 mAh.

Length: 77 mm. Width: 62 mm. Depth: 30.0 mm.

Price: 13.99 each. Postage and packing included.

This PSP extension battery pack is designed to be used with the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP).

This external battery pack has a capacity of 1,800 mAh. This external battery pack clips neatly onto the back of your Sony PSP and connects to the PSP console through its short connector.

This PSP extension battery pack has an On/Off Switch and a LED Indicator which shows red when the pack is being charged and green when fully charged. Can be used with or without the Sony internal battery pack. When used in combination with your PSP's internal battery you will be able to use your games console for more than three hours longer. An ideal accessory for your Sony PSP Play Station Portable.

Your regular PSP battery can give you up to ten hours of use between charges, but more realistically, intense gaming sessions are more likely to last only three or four hours. With this PSP extension battery pack you can increase the battery life to eight hours of the most intensive gaming.

This PSP110 or PSP-110 Li-Polymer extension battery pack works with all PSPs icluding the PSP-1000, PSP-1000K and the PSP-1001 models.

This is a genuine Lithium Polymer battery and is guaranteed 100% compatible with the equivalent Sony battery.

Want a higher capacity PSP extension pack for even longer battery life? Consider this PG-P066 external battery extension.

Want to exactly replace your existing PSP-110 battery? Consider this PSP-110 battery pack.

Want to replace your existing PSP-110 battery, but with a larger capacity? Try this extended capacity battery with replacement battery cover to give 3650 mAh of capacity.

Prefer an integrated extension pack to work with your existing PSP-110 battery? Consider this PG-P068 integrated battery pack.


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