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PURE Oasis ChargePAK C6L VL-60923 12V79 4500 mAh Li-ion battery

Type: Lithium-Ion. Voltage: 7.4 V. Capacity: 4500 mAh.

Height: 146 mm. Width: 51 mm. Depth: 26 mm.

Price: 29.50. Postage and packing included.

Construction: 1 x 4500mAh Li-Ion cell, extra long four-cord flex, white four-way connector.

Replaces: ChargePAK C6L, 12V79, VL-60923, VL60923

Fits: Pure OASIS digital radio devices including the following model numbers:
Oasis (both Mk1 and Mk2), Oasis Flow.

This Pure digital radio battery  is a DIRECT replacement for the PURE Oasis ChargePAK battery.

This Pure digital radio battery uses the latest Lithium-Ion technology to give an outstanding 4500mAh power capacity - a substantial improvement on the 4000mAh rating of the original PURE battery.

This Pure digital radio ChargePAK battery is for use with players such as the:

PURE Oasis Flow, 
PURE Oasis (Mark 1)
PURE Oasis (Mark 2)

For other Pure digital radio ChargePAK batteries (including the version of this battery with a short flex) see here.

This Pure digital radio battery comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.


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