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PP7, Energizer 266, Eveready PP7, NEDA 1605 Battery


Type: Zinc Chloride. Voltage: 9V.

Depth: 46 mm. Width: 46 mm. Height: 63 mm.

Connector: press stud full-size snap connectors. 

Price: 9.08 each. 8.82 each if you buy two or more. Postage and packing included.

Also known as: Energizer 266, Mallory 266, Mallory M1605, Eveready PP7, NEDA 1605, ANSI 1605, RCA VS322, GP1605S
and also Varta 489, Saft ST7, Roy-o-vac RR7, Drydex DT7, GEC BB27, Siemens TR7, Vidor VT7 and Vidor T6007.

This PP7 or 266 battery is used in a wide variety of meters, vintage radios and other devices.

For example, this hard-to-find Ever Ready PP7 or 266 battery is used in vintage collectible transistor radios such as the General Electric P745, P755A, and P805, and the Bush TR90C.

This PP7 or 266 battery is of zinc chloride chemistry and out performs the original carbon-zinc version for a long battery life.

This PP7 or 266 battery has larger snap connectors than the popular PP3 9V battery.

These PP7 or 266 batteries have a long shelf life. Why not buy two or more packs, take advantage of our reduced price and make sure you are not left without your vintage radio next time your battery runs out.

* Energizer no longer supply this battery so actual manufacturer will vary depending upon availability.

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