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PP8-2, PP8/2 6V Electric Fence Battery Double PP8

PP8/2 Eveready (by Energizer) *

Name: PP8-2. 

Type: Carbon Zinc. Voltage: 6.0 V.

Depth: 63 mm. Width: 100 mm. Height: 200 mm.

Connector: Four snap connectors.

Price: 20.50 each. Postage and packing included.

Also known as: PP8/2, PP8-2, Double PP8.

This Carbon Zinc PP8-2 (PP8/2) has two pairs of large snap connectors and is commonly used in alarms, fencer equipment and vintage radios. The PP8-2 (PP8/2) is widely used in the agricultural industry to power electric fences.

The PP8-2 (PP8/2) is used in 6v energisers such as the "Hotline Harrier Energiser", P1 Kestrel and P150 Harrier fence energisers.

This double-PP8 will replace a PP8 battery if there is sufficient space available. It is twice the size of the standard PP8 which, unfortunately, is no longer available from Eveready. The PP8/2 is effectively two PP8 batteries in one box.


* Actual manufacturer may vary depending upon availability

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