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PX450 Adapter - Exact Voltage Converter

Type: Physical adapter with exact voltage Zinc-Air cell kit

Contents: Kit contains 1 x PX450 Adapter, 1 x MR400 1.35 volt zinc-air cell. Output Voltage: 1.35 V.

Diameter: 11.6 mm. Height: 14.5 mm. (including zinc-air cell)

Price: 15.50 each. Postage and packing included.

Emulates: PX450 / RM450 / RM450R / E-450 / EPX450 / V450PX / E450N / MR450 / NR450 / NR450 / RPX450 / HD450.

1.35V replacement for: PX450 / A450PX / EN450A / EPX450A / PC450A.

The discontinued Mercuric Oxide RM450 and PX450 is a commonly required by users of Bolex P1, P2 and P3 cine cameras and users of the Alpa 10d camera.

Our PX450 Adapter is the "Rolls Royce" solution to problem of the discontinued Mercuric Oxide RM450 and PX450. Our PX450 Adapter has the outer dimensions of the PX450 mercury cell when you add the included exact voltage 1.35V MR400 cell. The MR-400 Zinc Air cell produces the exact and steady 1.35 volts that are needed, whilst the PX450 Adapter fills out the cell to the dimensions your camera was designed for.

The photograph above shows the original PX450 cell on the left and the adapter kit on the right

No adjustment or modification to your camera is required. The included MR-400 cell does require activation and a supply of air.

PX450 Adapters are a one time purchase, and will last a lifetime. The MR400 zinc-air cell will typically last nine months and often up to a year. At the end of its life, simply replace the expired exact voltage 1.35V MR400 cell with a fresh one.

Click here to purchase further exact voltage 1.35V MR400 cells. and to find out more about the MR400 and its characteristics.



There are other possible non-mercury replacement for a PX450 or RM450 cell:

An inexpensive RM450 replacement is to take a cell of the same diameter and pad its height out with metal washers or some type of wire spring or clip. Scrunched up aluminium foil seems to work nicely too. Don't be daunted. It has been successfully done before.

You have two choices for the battery, the silver oxide 1.55V 357 or SR44 (which will have a higher voltage than the original cell) or the zinc air 1.35V WeinCell MRB675 (which gives exactly the correct voltage).

As an alternative DIY adapter for a RM450, we often suggest one WeinCell MRB400....... http://www.smallbattery.company.org.uk/sbc_mrb400.htm to give the right voltage. And a stack of eight M6 washers to pad out the height. Alternatively the MRB675 has a higher capacity but is a bit deeper. You'd probably need only 6 or 7 washers.

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