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RB103241/ RB103238 (Replaces Sony BP-DM20, Sharp AD-T20BT)


Type: Ni-Cd 2xAA 'Hardpack'. Voltage: 2.4 V. Capacity: 650 mAh.

Height: 49.5 mm. Width: 29.3 mm. Depth: 14.5 mm.

Price: 12.99. Postage and packing included.

Replaces: Sony BP-DM20, BP-DM10 and Sharp AD-T20BT and many more for use in audio equipment. The RB103241 is an equivalent to several other batteries. Click here for details. 

This Sony BP-DM20 and Sharp AD-T20BT equivalent, the RB103241, resembles two AA batteries bound together in a plastic cradle. It is widely used in portable audio products : CD player, MP3, Minidisc, Pocket Digital Player.

For use with MiniDisc player, CD player, MP3, Pocket Digital Player such as the:

Sharp MD-MT 15,
Sharp MD-MT 15E,
Sharp MD-MT 16 E,
Sharp MD-MT 16,
Sharp MD-MT 161,
Sharp MD-MT 18,
Sharp MD-MT 20E,
Sharp MD-MT 20H,
Sony D-E 193,
Sony D-E 245,
Sony D-E 335,
Sony D-E 345,
Sony D-E 440,
Sony D-E 441,
Sony D-E 443,
Sony D-E 445,
Sony D-E 555,
Sony MZ-E20,
Sony MZ-E3,
Sony MZ-E40,
Sony MZ-F40,
Sony MZ-R3,
Sony MZ-R4ST,
Sony MZ-R5ST.

* Please note the capacity and chemistry. Higher capacity Ni-MH versions were once available, but no longer are.


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The RB103241 is an equivalent to these batteries too.... 

Polaroid PR-123~DG,
Sharp AD-T20BT,
Sony BP-DM20, BP-DM10.