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RW-25 Adapter - Pulsar LED watch, Hamilton & Omega Watches. Replacement for 355, RW25 discontinued cells.

Type: Physical adapter with exact voltage Silver Oxide cell kit

Contents: Kit contains 1 x RW-25 Adapter, 1 x SR44 1.55 volt silver oxide cell. 

Output Voltage: unchanged at 1.55 V.

Diameter: 15.5 mm. Height: 5.4 mm. (including silver oxide cell)

Price: 4.50 each. (4.00 if you buy two or more). Postage and packing included.

Emulates: Rayovac RW-25, Energizer 355, RW25, Hamilton Power Cells, SSIH 9004, 355, SS1H9004.

The solution to problem of the discontinued Rayovac RW-25 or Energizer 355 silver oxide cell. Our RW-25 Adapter has the outer dimensions of the Rayovac RW-25 or Energizer 355 cell and accepts the readily obtained SR44 /357 cell. The SR44 /357 cell produces the exact and steady 1.55 volts that are needed, whilst the RW-25 Adapter fills out the cell to the correct dimensions.

The RW-25 Adapters will replace the Eveready #355 or Rayovac RW25 battery that was used in the original Pulsar & Hamilton watches of the 1970's, such as the P1 model 2800, the P2 one-Button models, and the P2-Date II & P3 Date-Command models. 

The RW-25 Adapters can also be used in the Omega TC-1,TC-2 & TC-3 models as well as the Hamilton QED one-button and two-button models.

No adjustment or modification to your watch is required.

The RW-25 Adapters are reusable, and made of a long lasting non corrosive Buna N rubber material.

These 355 / RW25 cells were typically used in pairs. You will need to purchase two RW-25 Adapter kits.

RW-25 Adapters are a one time purchase, and will last a lifetime. The SR44 /357 cell will typically last over a year. At the end of its life, simply replace the expired SR44 /357 cell with a fresh one.

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