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TL-5242/W (SL-360/461, B9593T) Replacement Lithium Thionyl Chloride 3.7V PRAM, RTC, CMOS


Type: Lithium Thionyl Chloride. Voltage: 3.6V / 3.7V. Capacity: 1Ah.

Length: 51 mm. Height: 18 mm (including velcro). Width: 15 mm.

Price: 17.33 each. (17.00 if you buy two or more). Postage and packing included.

Functional replacement for: Tadiran TL-5242/W, Saft T1AA-C, Eternacell B9593T, Hawker B9593T, Fedco B9593T, Energy+ B9593T, Sonnenschein SL-360/461.

This small battery block is commonly used in computers. Our battery is a functional replacement for the CMOS batteries mentioned above including the Tadiran TL-5242/W. Our functional equivalent is not encapsulated in plastic so it is a cylindeer and not square in cross section. This battery can be used in many XT and AT compatible personal computers which use a 3.6 or 3.7 Volt clock battery. Examples are the Toshiba T3100, AT&T 3B2 and many other 286 & 386 machines. See here for a fuller list........

Our Tadiran TL-5242/W replacement CMOS battery comes with:

CMOS & Clock Backup batteries perform an important function when the power is turned off; the CMOS battery maintains the time and date, thus insuring their accuracy when the system is once again restarted. Also important, the battery saves the computers BIOS set-up configuration, so the system can be efficiently rebooted once it is switched on again. For example, the computer knows what type of hard drive it is booting from etc. These batteries are variously known as CMOS batteries, Real Time Clock (RTC) batteries, PRAM batteries or simply internal batteries.

In most cases, replacement of the CMOS battery is an easy task. It is simply a matter of locating the battery on the computer's motherboard, removing it and plugging in a new one.

Some computers do not protect their CMOS batteries with an on-board diode. The machines require a battery such as the Keeper II LTC-16P-CO-S8 or similar. Such a battery has a protective diode built into it. Our Tadiran TL-5242/W compatible CMOS battery is not suitable for this type of machine.

* Actual manufacturer may vary depending upon availability


Manufacturer/ Models:
Acer 528, 910, 915, 1100, 1120SX, 913PC, 915
AST Bravo 3865X/4865X, Premium 286/386 workstation
AT&T 6312, 6386, 3B, 3B2, 3BII, other 63 Series
Brother BC20
Compaq Portable III 286
Dynabrook Dyna 286 Series
Everest 1800A, 1800B
Generic PC 286 clone
Goldstar 286, 425s
Hyundai Super 286
IBM 8775
ICL DRSM55, M75, MB40/50/60
IDS 286/386
Inspectorate Delta Gold
Intel 3865X
Kaypro 2861, KO886
Laser Digital 286
MI Station 3S
Mission 286/386
Mitac 286, 386E, 4000
NEC A 8 J, A 12, EL 486 series, Powermate 32S
Philips 280, PCD 200/201/202/203/300
Research Machines Nimbus AX, BX300, VX386/2S
Samsung PC6S12/3, S-550, S5200 Portable, 5800 STC 6000
Tandy 3000, 4000, HD, HL
Tatung 4000, 8000
Televideo 4000
Toshiba T3100, T3200, T5200, 3100
Wyse 2112, 2200, 3108
Zenith ZF-286 Regular


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