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V27PX Adapter - Voltage Reducing Converter

Type: Voltage reducing adapter kit

Contents: Kit contains 1 x V27PX Adapter, 4 x 386 (or SR43) cell. Output Voltage: 5.6 V.

Diameter: 12.7 mm. Height: 20.5 mm. 

Price: 30.43 each. Postage and packing included.

Emulates: EPX27, V27PX, 4NR43, KX27, HS3C, PX27.

The "Rolls Royce" solution to problem of the discontinued Mercuric Oxide PX27. Our V27PX Adapter has the outer dimensions of the PX27  mercury battery with a recess that takes four inexpensive and easily obtained silver oxide 386 (or SR43) cell. Buried within the V27PX Adapter are micro electronics that drop the voltage from the 6.2 Volts put out by the four silver oxide cells to the 5.6 Volts that your  camera was designed for.

No adjustment or modification to your camera is required. The V27PX Adapter does not require activation or a supply of air.

V27PX Adapters are a one time purchase, and will last a lifetime. Simply replace the expired silver oxide 386 (or SR43) cells with a fresh ones.


The V27PX Adapter is designed for low current and cannot be used in applications that exceed 200 micro amps. There are no known examples with this adapter though there are two examples involving the similar MR-9 Adapter where the metering and exposure system function perfectly, but the battery check lamp will not illuminate.

If you wish to measure the voltage from the V27PX Adapter and silver oxide cell with a digital voltmeter, put a 10 KiloOhm resistance between the measurement terminals. This will allow sufficient current to flow to activate the voltage reducing circuitry. An analogue voltmeter will draw sufficient voltage to activate the voltage reducing circuitry.

Click here to purchase extra 386 or (SR43) cells.

The S27PX silver oxide battery is an alternative to this adapter. Identical in size to the original PX27 battery, it produces a steady 6V. You are able to compensate for the higher voltage by a  fixed number of stops or by adjusting the ASA setting. There may be as many as two f-stops underexposure by a camera that uses 6v instead of the original 5.6v, but the compensation you require is constant.

If your camera is a Minox or Rollei, the chances are that it does not require the exact 5.6 Volts but incorporates the bridging circuit required to accommodate deviations in the voltage. In this case the less expensive and more convenient S27PX silver oxide battery will be more appropriate.

The S27PX silver oxide battery has been successfully tested with the following Minox cameras: Minox C, Minox EC, Minox ECX, Minox LX, Minox TLX, Minox 35EL, Minox 35GL, Minox 35GT, Minox 35GSE, Minox 35GTE, Minox 35GTX, Minox 35PL, Minox 35PE, Minox 35AL and the following Rollei cameras: Rollei 35TE,  Rollei 35SE,  Rollei A110, Rollei 35LED and more.

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