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Wire Glue - electrically conductive adhesive


Type: Adhesive. 

Contents: 0.3 fl. oz / 9 ml jar.

Price: 6.99 each. 5.50 each if you buy two or more. Postage and packing included.

Also known as: Conductive glue, conductive adhesive.

Wire Glue utilizes the latest advances in microcarbon technology to bring you a highly conductive glue at a fraction the price of competitive products which use precious metals such as silver.

Wire Glue allows you to make low voltage AC and DC electrical connections without soldering or heating. 

There is no requirement to measure out and mix hardeners. Simply stir and apply the glue to your surface and let it cure overnight. By morning, you will have a reliable, permanent and electrically conductive bond!

Cost-effective replacement for silver-loaded epoxies.

This lead free formulation is ideal for bonding all types of low voltage electrical connections.

Wire Glue is not intended for high voltage or high current applications. In high power circuits Wire Glue may become hot and give off burning smells.

Heated windscreens are a high current application for which wire glue is not suitable.

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