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3.3V Backup Capacitor/Battery for Dell Axim x51 and x51V

3.3V surface mount capacitor. Used in Dell Axim PDAs such as the x51 and x51V 

Type: Electric Double Layer Capacitor. Voltage: 3.3 V. Capacity: 0.2 Farads.

Diameter: 6.8 mm.  Height: 1.6 mm. Length: 10.0 mm incl tabs.  

Price: 7.99. Postage and packing included.

Construction: 1 x capacitor, surface mount tabs for PCB pads.

Replaces: Backup battery/capacitor in Dell Axim x51 and x51V.

The button shaped 3.3v 0.2F capacitor is widely used as a backup battery (for example in the Dell Axim x51 and Dell Axim x51V). 

These Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC) are also known as supercapacitors and used in a variety of applications, most commonly memory retention.

Used for CMOS memory protection in Dell Axim PDAs such as the Dell Axim x51 and Dell Axim x51V.


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