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XR11630W (WSR265H)

Type: Lithium. Voltage: 2V.  

Diameter: 11.6 mm. Height: 3.05 mm.

Price: 14.99 each. 14.00 each if you buy two or more. P&P included.

Also known as: XR1130W, R28, WSR265H, XR113OW

This XR11630W (WSR265H) is an unusual rechargeable cell that is typically found in watches. The XR11630W (WSR265H) is suitable for devices such as the Seiko Solar LCD watches.

Typically this  XR11630W (WSR265H) will last seven years before requiring replacement.

The silver oxide equivalent disposable battery, the SR1130W or 389 cell, or the low drain 390, are the same size, but can NOT be substituted for this XR11630W (WSR265H) .

The XR11630W we supply is the genuine Seiko spare part. The battery itself is inscribed....

"Maxell, XR11630W, Rechargeable, +, Hitachi Maxell Ltd, Japan"

The XR11630W is used in watches with a movement of calibre A156 or A156A. It comes as a bare cell without clips or tags.

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