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AA Rechargeable NiMH 2300 MAh (card of 4)

Type: Nickel-Metal Hydride. Voltage: 1.2 V. Capacity: 2300 mAh.

Length: 50.5 mm. Diameter: 14.5 mm.

Price: 11.50 each four-pack. 11.00 each four-pack if you buy two or more. Postage and packing included.

Can replace AA size batteries such as: Sony NHAAB2E and Nikon EN-MH1

The ultra high capacity 2300 mAh capacity of these rechargeable AA NiMH batteries gives super long run times! These AA NiMH batteries can last up to twice as long as ordinary rechargeable AA batteries and can be recharged up to 1000 times! Nickel Metal Hydride chemistry gives memory free operation and, being cadmium free, is environmentally friendly. Not suffering from the 'memory effect' allows you to charge these 2300 mAh rechargeable AA NiMH batteries anytime you like - no more waiting until your AA batteries are completely discharged before being able to charge them up.

These AA NiMH batteries are excellent for power intensive devices like digital cameras, MP3 Players, Game Boy consoles, CD Players, Global Position Systems and more. Can be used as a exact replacement for standard AA size batteries and NiCd rechargeable batteries.

If you do not need such a high capacity version, consider using our AA NiMH 2100mAh battery.

Or if you need a higher capacity version, consider our  2700mAh battery here.... 

You should also consider the new Sanyo eneloop ultra-low self-discharge "always - ready-to-use" AA size batteries look here....... 

Visit here if you need a version of this cell with solder tags.

For a suitable charger consider  the X-Press 1000 Ultra fast charger. or the Uniross SPRINT 1 hour charger, or the Globe Trotter Pocket charger

Or, consider this great value compact and light CR898 1 Hour Smart and Super Quick Charger with 4 AA Ni-MH high specification 2300mAh  batteries.

For a charger and 'ready-to-go' eneloop combination try this EN60 Sanyo eneloop travel battery charger with set of UK, Euro & USA plugs which comes complete with 4 x 2000mAh eneloop NiMH AA rechargeable batteries and charges from empty in three hours. 


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