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Rechargeable CRV3R-C Car Cord for CRV3R-K Charger Kit

Type: In-Car Power Cord for CRV3R Charger. Input Voltage: 12V, standard cigarette lighter plug.

Contents: 1 x in-car power adaptor.

Price: £5.99. Postage and packing included.

This 'handy' cigarette lighter (or cigar lighter) cord is dedicated to the remarkable CRV3R-K rechargeable CRV3 Kit. It takes 12V DC current from a standard car cigar lighter and presents it to the charger of the CRV3R-K kit.

This in-car power cord is unlikely to work with other manufacturers chargers.

The CRV3R-C in-car power cord removes the restriction of needing a 230V, 50Hz standard UK wall socket. It is invaluable for photographers on the move or even photographers in foreign countries.

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