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Rechargeable CR-V3 (CR-V3R) Charger and 1480 mAh Li-ion Battery Kit

Type: Charger and Lithium-Ion battery kit. Input Voltage: 230V, 50Hz standard UK plug.

Contents: 1 x charger, 1 x AC mains adaptor, 1 x CR-V3-R rechargeable 1480 mAh Li-ion battery.

Length of Charger: 10.5 cm. Width: 6.8 cm. Height: 3.2 cm.

Length of Battery: 28.4 mm. Width: 14.2 mm. Height: 52.0 mm.

Price: 27.50. Postage and packing included.

Indicator Lights: 
Green Power On light indicates that the charger is in service and that power is being applied from the transformer/wall plug. Red Fast Charging light indicates that charging of the battery is in progress. The Red light switches off to indicate the battery is fully charged and that no further charge is being applied.

This is a neat and 'handy' charger dedicated to the remarkable CRV3R rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Power is from a combined transformer/wall plug that plugs into a standard 230V, 50Hz standard UK wall socket.

The charger has a rating of 500 mA and fully charges the CR-V3-R battery in around three hours.

Click here to read comments from the early adopters of this technology.

Click here for a compatibility list.

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This battery kit is NOT compatible with the Olympus FL-50 Flash gun. Unfortunately this excellent flash gun draws such an enormous current that it trips the short-circuit protection that is built into every CR-V3R battery. 

***NOTE - Customers who purchased a CR-V3R charger from us before July 2007
Since July 2007 we now stock a different type of CRV3R battery. Batteries bought before this date included the unique 'third contact point' for charging. The old style batteries can still be bought here. However these batteries are not compatible with this charger.


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