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Rechargeable CR-V3 (CR-V3R) Battery with three contact points (Compatible with CRV3R-K chargers bought before July 2007)

Type: Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. Nominal Voltage: 3 Volts. Capacity: 1200 mAh.

Length: 28.4 mm. Width: 14.2 mm. Height: 52.0 mm.

Price: 15.99. Postage and packing included.

Replaces: Disposable CRV3 batteries known as CRV3, CR-V3, LB01, LB-01, DLCR-V3, Olympus LB-01, Olympus Camedia LB-01.

This CR-V3R battery requires its own dedicated charger as it contains a unique 'third contact point' for charging. This battery is only compatible with chargers bought from us before JULY 2007. Our new CRV3R chargers (since July 2007) are only compatible with our new improved, higher capacity CRV3R which has a capacity of 1480 mAh.

This break-through rechargeable CRV3 lithium-ion battery is known as the CRV3R. Most CR-V3 batteries are non-rechargeable and are thrown away after use. Here, at last, is the rechargeable battery everybody has been waiting for. It has been specially brought to market to solve the problems of today's power hungry digital cameras. These batteries are new on the market, so customer feedback is hard to find. Click here to read comments from the early adopters of this technology.

This CRV3R has a capacity of 1,200 mAh and delivers battery life that is a little less than disposable CRV3 batteries and conventional AA Lithium cells, longer than NiMH rechargeable cells and very many times longer than conventional disposable AA Alkaline batteries. Do not be confused by the comparison with 2,300 mAh AA Ni-MH batteries. This 1,200 mAh battery will comfortably out-perform them. Look at our FAQs for more information.

These rechargeable CRV3 batteries are much lighter than heavy NiMH batteries. They weigh a mere 38.5 g compared with up to 60 g for a pair of NiMH batteries. 

Li-ion chemistry performs well at low temperatures, far better that Ni-MH. If you take photographs in cold locations, this CR-V3R battery could solve your performance problems.

The rechargeable CR-V3 has the great benefit of Li-ion chemistry low rate of 'self-discharge'. This means it still retains over 90% of its charge a month after charging. A NiMH battery would be getting on for 50% discharged after lying idle for a month. The Lithium-ion CRV3R can be recharged over 500 times and does not have a 'memory effect' - it is not necessary to drain the battery before charging. 

Rechargeable CR-V3 (CR-V3R) batteries come with a two year manufacturer's warranty.

This CR-V3R rechargeable battery can be fully charged in two and a half hours.

Examples of Olympia cameras that take the CR-V3 battery are E-20N, E-10, E-100RS, C-4040Z, C-3040Z, C-3030Z, C-3020Z, C-3000Z, C-2040Z, C-720UZ, C-700UZ, C-2100UZ, C-211Z, D-40Z, D-550Z, D-520Z, D-510, D-490Z, D-460Z, C-21, D-380, D-370, D-230, D-100, D-150. Other examples are the Toshiba PDR-T10 and Konica Digital Revio KD-200Z. For a more complete compatibility list, click here.

This battery is NOT compatible with the Olympus FL-50 Flash gun. Unfortunately this excellent flash gun draws such an enormous current that it trips the short-circuit protection that is built into every CR-V3R battery. 


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