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LP302030-PCM-LD Li-Po PRAM cell with flex and connector

Type: Lithium Polymer. Voltage:  3.7 V.  

Width: 21 mm. Height: 32 mm. Thickness: 3.0 mm.

Price: £15.99 each. Postage and packing included.

Also known as: ATL 302030, IATL 302030, LP302030.

Configuration: Protection circuit, red and black flex 20 mm, white two-pin connector.

LP302030-PCM-LD This Apple Lithium Polymer PRAM battery is typically marked with IATL or ATL 3.7V 302030 and some batch numbers. Our replacement, the LP302030-PCB-LD, comes equipped with a protection circuit, flex and connector ready for plugging into a slave board.

There are two types of Apple PowerBook G4 PRAM slave boards that take this LP302030-PCB-LD Lithium Polymer battery.
One type of slave board is the combined PRAM battery and USB port board used in 17-inch 1.67GHz PowerBooks. Part Number for the board is 820-1814-A or 820-1824-A. The board looks like this……

Take a peep under the slide-off cover as some of these PRAM/USB boards take two coin-cell batteries, a double CGL2430 assembly, instead of this rectangular Li-Po battery.
(For example, board 820-1537-A from PowerBook G4 17-inch 1.33Ghz Backup / Clock Battery or board 820-1391-A do NOT take this Li-Po battery. If you need to refurbish a board that has two Panasonic CGL2430 cells linked together, then get in touch using the 'Contact Us' link.)

The other type of slave board supports just a PRAM battery and has a three way flex and three-pin connector. The board is marked 820-1819-A or 820-1813-A, and looks like this……

The board is often covered in transparent yellow Kapton tape allowing you to confirm there is a Li-Po cell within. But if it is covered in metal foil as illustrated, once again you should carefully peel off the cover and take a peep underneath as some of these PRAM boards take a large coin-cell battery, the CGL3032, instead of this rectangular Li-Po battery. Click here for the CGL3032 / LIR3032.............

The lithium-Polymer technology used in these LP302030-PCM-LD cells has no 'memory-effect'.


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