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RB103247 (Replaces 'Gumstick' Sharp AD-S31BT, AD-T51BT)

Type: Lithium-Ion 'Gumstick'. Voltage: 3.7/3.8 V. Capacity: 800 mAh.

Height: 68 mm. Width: 25.2 mm. Depth: 6.7 mm.

Price: 15.99. Postage and packing included.

Replaces: Sharp AD-S31 BT, Sharp AD-T51 BT, Pioneer NB-L10 and more. The RB103247 is an equivalent to several other batteries. Click here for details. 

This Sharp AD-S31 BTX, Sharp AD-T51 BT equivalent, the RB103247 Lithium-Ion 'Gumstick' battery, powers portable audio products : CD player, MP3, Minidisc, Pocket Digital Player. 

For use with MiniDisc players such as the Kenwood DMC-J7R and Kenwood DMC-L7R,  Pioneer PM-DR3  and Pioneer PM-DR5, Sharp MD-MS 301, Sharp MD-MS 302, Sharp MD-MS 311, Sharp MD-MS 312, Sharp MD-MS 401, Sharp MD-MS 701, Sharp MD-MS 702, Sharp MD-MS 703, Sharp MD-MS 721, Sharp MD-MS 722, Sharp MD-MT 66, Sharp MD-MT 702, Sharp MD-MT 821, Sharp MD-MT 821, Sharp H MD-MT 831, Sharp MD-MT 831, Sharp H MD-MT 832, Sharp MD-P10, Sharp MD-SS311, Sharp MD-SS312, Sharp MD-SS321, Sharp MD-SS322, Sharp MD-SS323, Sharp MD-SS421, Sharp MD-ST531, Sharp MD-ST601, Sharp MD-ST631.

If your gumstick battery is NiMH (and not Lithium-Ion) look at our 1350mAh rechargeable gum stick battery.


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The RB103247 is an equivalent to these batteries too.... 

Kenwood REM1006,
Pioneer NB-L10,