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RB103244 (Replaces 'Gumstick' Sony NH-14WM, Sharp AD-N55BT, Aiwa MHB-901)


Type: NiMH 'Gumstick'. Voltage: 1.2 V. Capacity: 1200 mAh.

Height: 66 mm. Width: 17 mm. Depth: 5.2 mm.

Price: 10.99. Postage and packing included.

Replaces: Sony NH-14WM, Sharp AD-N55BT, Aiwa MHB-901, Sony NH-10WM, Sony NC-6WM, Philips AY3364, BN-R1210, BN-R127, NH-14WM and more. The RB103244 is an equivalent to several other batteries. Click here for details. 

This Sony NH-14WM, Sharp AD-N55BT, Aiwa MHB-901, equivalent, the RB103244 Lithium-Ion 'Gumstick' battery, powers portable audio products : CD player, MP3, Minidisc, Pocket Digital Player. 

For use with MiniDisc player, CD player, MP3, Pocket Digital Player such as the:

Aiwa AM-CL33, Kenwood DMC-M7R, Panasonic RQ-SX20, Sharp MD-MT 877 H, Sony MZ-E500,
Aiwa AM-F 90, Kenwood DMC-P33, Panasonic RQ-SX21, Sharp MD-MT 888, Sony MZ-E501,
Aiwa AM-HX100, Kenwood DMC-P55, Panasonic RQ-SX32, Sharp MD-MT 90, Sony MZ-E510,
Aiwa AM-HX150, MTV  Evolution, Panasonic RQ-SX43, Sharp MD-ST55, Sony MZ-E55,
Aiwa AM-HX20, Panasonic SJ-MJ7, Panasonic RQ-SX45, Sharp MD-ST66, Sony MZ-E600,
Aiwa AM-HX200, Panasonic SJ-MJ10, Panasonic RQ-SX52, Sharp MD-ST70, Sony MZ-E610,
Aiwa AM-HX30, Panasonic SJ-MJ15, Panasonic RQ-SX53, Sharp MD-ST700, Sony MZ-E70,
Aiwa AM-HX300, Panasonic SJ-MJ17, Panasonic SL-CT580, Sharp MD-ST77, Sony MZ-E700,
Aiwa AM-HX400, Panasonic SJ-MJ35, Panasonic SL-CT590, Sharp MD-ST770, Sony MZ-E707,
Aiwa AM-HX50, Panasonic SJ-MJ55, Panasonic SL-CT780, Sharp MD-ST880, Sony MZ-E710,
Aiwa AM-HX55, Panasonic SJ-MJ70, Panasonic SL-CT790, Sharp MD-MT 200, Sony MZ-E75,
Aiwa AM-HX70, Panasonic SJ-MJ75, Philips  EXP 7361 Sharp MD-MT 1900, Sony MZ-E77,
Aiwa AM-NX1, Panasonic SJ-MJ77, Rave MP300 Sony D955, Sony MZ-E7W,
Aiwa AM-ST40, Panasonic SJ-MJ80, Sanyo MHB-901 Sony D-E 888, Sony MZ-E80,
Aiwa PX587 Panasonic SJ-MJ88, Sharp IM-MT66, Sony D-E 905, Sony MZ-E800,
Aiwa PX787 Panasonic SJ-MJ95, Sharp IM-MT70, Sony D-E 925, Sony MZ-E90,
Evolution EV-128MRS, Panasonic SJ-MR100, Sharp IM-MT77, Sony D-E 999, Sony MZ-E900,
iRiver iMP-350SlimX, Panasonic SJ-MR200, Sharp IM-MT770, Sony D-EJ 01, Sony MZ-E909,
iRiver iMP-400 SlimX, Panasonic SJ-MR220, Sharp IM-MT877, Sony D-EJ 1000, Sony MZ-EP11,
JVC XM-P2000, Panasonic SJ-MR230, Sharp IM-MT880, Sony D-EJ 2000, Sony MZ-EP50.
JVC XM-P55, Panasonic SJ-MR250, Sharp IM-MT899 H, Sony MZ-E11, Panasonic RQ-SX72
JVC XM-PJ1, Panasonic SJ-MW1, Sharp MD-DS8, Sony MZ-E25,
JVC XM-PX3, PX5, Panasonic SJ-MW2, Sharp MD-MT 180, Sony MZ-E30,
JVC XM-PX50, Panasonic SJ-MW3, Sharp MD-MT 77, Sony MZ-E35,
JVC XM-PX55, Panasonic SJ-SW90MD, Sharp MD-MT 770, Sony MZ-E44,
JVC XM-PX55SL, Panasonic SJ-SW9MD, Sharp MD-MT 866 H, Sony MZ-E45,
JVC XM-PX70, Panasonic SLMP30 Sharp MD-MT 877, Sony MZ-E50,

For a suitable charger consider  our USB powered Audio charger. 

If your gumstick battery is Lithium-Ion (and not NiMH) look at our Li-Ion rechargeable gum stick battery.

* alternative brands  may be substituted subject to availability


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The RB103244 is an equivalent to these batteries too.... 

Aiwa MHB-901,
Enerigzer ER-GUM1,
GP GP-14M145, HF18/07/68,
Panasonic HHF-AZ01-S, RP-BP140H, RP-BP62, HHF-AZ01, HHF-1PSC, HHF125T
HF18/07/68, Philips AY3364
Sanyo HF-A1U
Sony NH-14WM, Sony NH-10WM, Sony NC-6WM, Sony NH-9WM,
Victor BN-R129, HF 18/07/68.