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Replacement battery for Traveler Slimline X5 and DC5080

Type: Lithium-Ion. Voltage: 3.7 V. Capacity: 720 mAh.

Height: 43.9 mm. Width: 31 mm. Depth: 7.2 mm.

Price: £14.99. Postage and packing included.

Replaces: Traveler DC5080, DC-5080, Slimline X5, Traveler XS7 and more.

This Lithium-Ion Digital camera battery fits some Aldi Traveler digital cameras. It is a DIRECT replacement for the Traveler DC5080 and Slimline X5 battery. P/N 02491-0026-00 and 02491-0026-01, 02491-0015-00, 02491-0026-00, 02491-0037-00 02491-0037-01, 02491-0037-04, 02491-0048-00

This Traveler DC5080 / Slimline X5 / Traveler XS7 replacement battery also fits digital cameras such as the:

Acer CS-5331 , CS-5330 , CU-5530
Advent ADV1172e, ADV-1172e, ADV-1172-e
Benq E53 , DC-E53 , DC-E43, DM6331_LP-200708, VG0376120700004
Konica Minolta Dimage E50 , E40
Kyocera Finecam EZ4033 , 29691-1115-00
Slimline X5 , Slimline X4 , Performic S5, Slimline X50, 02491-0015-00, 02491-0026-00
Medion MD85801, MD 85801, MD85700, MD41437, DM-6331, DM6331, DM6331_LB200704
Minox DC5222, DC4211, DC6311
Rollei Prego DP5200 , DP4200, Prego DP6200, DP-6200, 29491-0015-00
Traveler DC-5080, DC5080, DC-5030, DC5030
Traveler Slimline X5, Slimline X4, Slimline X6, Slimline X7, Slimline XT
Traveler Super Slim XS7, Slimline XS7
Voigtlander Vitus D5, Voigtländer Virtus D4
Vivitar Vivicam 5340, Vivicam 5340S, Vivitar V39455, Vivitar 3945S, 02491-0037-00
Vivitar Vivicam 5105s, 5350s, 5660s, 7100s, 7380u

This Traveler DC5080 / Slimline X5 / Traveler XS7 battery replacement comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty.

For a suitable charger consider our fabulously versatile universal U-Charger


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